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Ban Khao Kaeo  A traditional Thai wooden house of about 80-100 years old. It is the property of Achan Songchai Wannakun. The house was established as the Thai Yuan Cultural Study Centre, collecting folk utensils, weapons, present day tools as well as ancient woven textiles of over 100 years old.


Wat Khao Kaeo Worawihan  is located in Ton Tan Sub-district, on the right side of the Pa Sak River, six kilometres from Sao Hai District Office. When King Rama IV visited Sao Hai District, he ordered the renovation of this temple and promoted it as a royal temple. There has been a rumour that there used to be a bright crystal ball over the Wihan of Wat Khao Khaeo on some nights. It is considered a miracle of the sacred object contained inside the Chedi. Inside the small 5-spired Chedi situated between the bell tower and the main Chedi reside the adorned Buddha image, Buddha image in the Palelai (Palilayaka) posture, and the Lord Buddha’s footprint. All these are beautiful.




The National Dairy Cow Festival  is organized in the Muak Lek District in January every year. HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn is the chairperson for the opening ceremony. It is the biggest event for professional dairy cow farmers.


The Phra Phutthabat Homage Paying Fair is held twice a year: from the first day of the waxing moon till the full moon day in the third lunar month totalling 15 days; and from the eighth day of the waxing moon until the full moon day in the fourth lunar month for eight days.


The Kam Fa Festival  is held on the second day of the waxing moon in the third lunar month. The eve of the festival features various forms of folk entertainment and activities including cockfighting, toasting sticky rice in bamboo, etc. On the third day of the waxing moon in the third lunar month, the day of the Kam Fa Festival, people perform merit making and attend sermons, etc. The festival takes place annually at Phai Lio Sub-district, Don Phut District.


The Wat Sung Songkran Festival and Sao Nang Takhian Bathing is held annually on April 23rd in front of Wat Sung’s ordination hall, Sao Hai District. People perform merit making ceremonies and pour water on to elders and on to the Nang Takhian pillar.




Saraburi Province and Festivals held here

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