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The starting point of this route is at Ban Tako Dan, about 20 kilometres from the centre. Visitors have to arrive at the centre before 7 o’clock to stay overnight. The fee is 400 Baht.


Nature Study Routes - There are three overall. The first route is from the sightseeing spot located 12 kilometres from the centre. It is a place where the scenery of the sunset can be admired. From the spot to Sap Pa Wan Reservoir is 1.5 kilometres and takes 1 ½ hours. The second route is from Sap Pa Wan Reservoir to Hin Dat Waterfall which is one tier but wide and surrounded with beautiful flowers such as orchids like Lin Mangkon (Habenaria rhodocheila), Dok Thian (Balsamina), etc. Then, continue to Namtok Khlong Phak Nam and return to the reservoir. The overall distance is four kilometres and takes four hours. The third route is from Sap Pa Wan Reservoir to Namtok Chet Khot Nuea, Klang and Tai and return to Sap Pa Wan Reservoir. The overall distance is four kilometres and takes four hours.

Other waterfalls found in the area and nearby are differently splendid. Significant ones are as follows:  Namtok Khao Khaep, a 7-tiered waterfall with a height of 30 metres. It is very attractive. The water passage is small, therefore, the water falls in line and hits the stones below, creating splashes. The basin for the waterfall is big and deep containing emerald-green water. Namtok Krok Fa Phanang is near Namtok Krok I Dok with a height of 20 metres. It is a steep cliff appropriate for those who admire adventure. Namtok Sap Pa Wan is not too high. Its water originates from the reservoir of the project. It is appropriate to travel during the rainy season or the period when there is a lot of water because the water passage is safe from the mountain torrent and the trail is a plain and easy walk. At each tier of the waterfall, there is a relaxing rock terrace. Besides trekking, the centre also prepares an animal watching activity for one kilometre.


Accommodation and Facilities: There are 28 houses and tents for rent for 100 Baht/ person/ night and sleeping bags for 50 Baht/ person/ night. Tourists have to prepare their own provisions –Starting a fire is prohibited but a picnic or charcoal stove is allowed.


To get there:  From Saraburi town, take Highway No. 2 - Mittraphap Road. Turn into the entrance of the centre which will be on the right side, opposite the Furukawa Co., Ltd. for 17 kilometres. There is a clear direction sign. For more information, please contact Chet Khot – Pong Kon Sao Natural and Eco tourism Study Centre, Mu 5, Tha Maprang Sub-district, Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi, at Tel. 0 3622 7156     0 3622 7156   08 9237 8659    08 9237 8659  or Saraburi Provincial Forest Office, Na Phra Lan Sub-district, Chaloem Phra Kiat District, Saraburi, at Tel. 0 3634 7105-6    0 3634 7105-6     Ext: 400, 501 during office hours.

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