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The vineyards in Muak Lek district, Saraburi At the Muak Lek District, there are vineyards open all year for tourists. Visitors can either taste fresh grapes, processed grape products such as wine, seedless grapes, grape juice, grape candy, grape jam, raisins, preserved grape jam, etc. or join a grape picking activity. The vineyards open to the public are

Kamnan Meng’s Vineyard,

Tel. 0 3634 4693    0 3634 4693 Khun Mali’s, Tel. 0 3622 7056-7  0 3622 7056-7  08 1853 5893   

08 1853 5893   

Phu Amon Vineyard and Wine, Tel. 0 3632 7183   0 3632 7183  08 1906 9373   08 1906 9373  

Seedless grapes can be purchased at Kamnan Meng’s Vineyard, 101 Mu 5 ( the entrance to Ban

Bo Tana ), Mittraphap Road, Muak Lek District, Tel. 0 3634 4693  0 3634 4693   0 3634 1015   0 3634 1015    

Rai Nam Phu Fa at Lam Phaya Klang Sub-district, Muak Lek District, Tel. 08 1216 6419   08 1216 6419    

To get there: The vineyards will be along Highway No. 2089, the Muak Lek - Wang Muang route.

Wat Samuha Pradittharam is located in Suan Dok Mai Sub-district, two kilometres from the District Office. Its Ubosot was completely constructed in 1897. Inside are very beautiful mural paintings depicting the Khawi folk tale, the main Buddha image taken from Sukhothai’s Ancient City and cast of bronze covering with gold leaves in the posture of subduing Mara, as well as, the images of the Lord’s two major disciples: Moggallana and Sariputta residing on both sides. In September every year, a traditional long boat race is organised at this temple.

Tham Dao Khao Kaeo  The distinguishing points of this cave are its red, black and brown spots on the ceiling as well as the stalagmites and stalactites and its large population of bats.

The Dairy Farming Promotion Organisation of Thailand  The Danish government and the Danish Dairy Farming Association together offered a promotion project on the raising of dairy cows. They cooperated with the Thai government to establish the Thai-Danish Dairy Farm (TDDF) and a training centre in Muak Lek District, Saraburi.

Tamnak Sa Yo  A royal residence constructed at the edge of Than Thong Daeng by Somdet Phrachao Prasat Thong’s command for his visit to pay respect to Phra Phutthabat.

The Vineyards in Muak Lek, Saraburi

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