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Amphawa Floating Market, Samut Songkhram Province, Thailand

I visited this Floating market in 2011, but I picked a day when it was closed, so I only got to do the river cruise. It seems there are two cruises from Amphawa, turning left out of the market which I did in 2011 and turning right out of the market. The left hand cruise took me down the Mae Klong River visiting mainly restaurants and small stores selling produce.

The one cruise turning right took me to a number of Temples which catered for anyone calling there. The cruise I did in 2015 was 50 Baht each, the one I did in 2011 was 700 Baht for the boat trip taking 4 people. This river trip is well worth the time for the money you get to see many parts of the area from the river.

The one trip turning right however is perhaps the more interesting one. Taking in 5 temple visits. The last however was a disappointment. The temple was beautiful enough but the many animals in pens there was not good. I found it strange for Buddhist monks to allow this. Many of the animals were quite distressed under the hot unbearable mid day sun with no shelter.

The pens they kept them in were not too clean, I am not against zoos as such providing the animals are clean, fed well, have enough shelter and room to move about, but clearly at this temple they did not. So this was a sad part of the river trip for me.

Amphawa is in the Province of Samut Songkhram, its neighbours being Phetchaburi, Ratchaburi and Samut Sakhon Provinces. Locally Samut Songkhram is known as Mae Klong from the name of the river that flows through it. The province is the smallest of all the Thai Provinces.

This Province is famous for the famous train market, Mae Klong Market, the Market is on a daily used rail track. Two trains a day  run along this section at around 10.45 and 13.00 hours. All manner of items are available here. Its also called the umbrella market, due to to all the market stalls folding back their awnings of the stalls along the market here to let the train run through.

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