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Pathum Thani Province Page 7, Dream World, City Pillar Shrine

Chokchai Museum On display are spectacular collections that hold over 60 years’ worth of memories.  It  is  a treasure  house  of  mementoes  belonging  to  the  man  who  has  kept  the  legendary  Farm  Chokchai  alive  for  over  half of a century.  His  success  is  the  result  of  hard  work  and  a  youthful  enthusiasm,  which  is  evident  when he says:

“ I’ve  dreamt  of  being  a  cowboy  since  I  was  a  young  boy. “  On  display  are  spectacular  collections  that  hold  over  60  years’  worth  of  memories.

Floor 1

Top-of-the-line  Vintage  Cars

Mercedes-Benz  300 SL  Gull  Wing,  a  luxury  automobile  that  is  valued  at  over  35  million  Baht.

Jaguar, great  performance  with  a V 12  engine.

Cadillac, the  most  innovative  of  classic  American  cars, and  more.

Have  fun  shopping  for  cowboy-style  souvenirs  at  the  Chokchai  Museum  Gift  Shop.

Floor 2

See  numerous  replicas  of  antlers, horns  and  tusks, including  three  black  ivories (a  pair  plus  another  single  tusk:  only  one  other  pair  exists  in  Thailand).  Also  on  this  floor:

Cowboy  Weapons

A  collection  of  over  400  guns  of  various  types.

The  special  double  rifle  that  is  valued  at  over  360  million  Baht.

The  only  gold-plated  pistol  [on  display]  in  the  world.

Cameras  and  Lenses

The  largest  zoom  lens  in  the  world  (it  has  a  magnification  of  360-1,200  mm.)

The  unusually  sturdy  camera:  it  was  dropped  from  an  airplane  at  an  altitude  of  27,000  feet  and  it  still  works.

A 800  mm.  lens  that  took  three  years  to  manufacture, making  it  the  most  expensive  in  the  world.

A  collection  of  Over  500  Series  of  Fine  Crystal  by  Swarovski

A  Grand  Diamond  crystal  weighing  23  kg.  (only  seven  were  ever  crafted.)

A  Great  Pyramid  crystal, a  collector’s  item  from  a  special  edition  of  100  pieces,  plus  various  other  crystal figures.

Floor 3

Experience  Mr.  Chokchai’s  tough  life  as  a  young  farmer  in  1957  (2,500  B.E.) through  a  re-creation  of  a  pioneer  farm  as  well  as  his  first  artificial  hut, which  includes  a  stable  for  eight  cows  and  a  log  cabin.  Also  on  display  are  photographs  of  Mr.  Chokchai  that  tell  his  life  from  childhood  until  the  present  along  with  pictures  of  his  family  and  Farm  Chokchai.


Chokchai Museum, Pathum Thani, Thailand

Pathum Thani Province Page 9, Chokchai Museum Continued