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Suphan Buri Province Page 2, Temples and shrines around the Province
Suphan Buri Province Page 4,  places of Interest around the Province

Wat Phra Non  is famed for its large fish sanctuary that occupies some part of the river as well as

beautiful shady park which is the main recreational area of the province. The image hall or Wihan of

Wat Phra Non houses a special reclining Buddha image. While most reclining Buddha images lie on

one side, the Buddha image here lies supine.


Wat Phrao  The temple’s Wihan has distinguished architecture in the Burmese style. The hall houses a Buddha footprint. In the backyard is the library for Buddhist scriptures, which is located in the middle of the pond. Large flocks of flying foxes live on the Java plum trees in the backyard of this temple.


Wat Sanam Chai The Northern Chronicle says that King Katae assigned his brother to build this temple and to renovate Wat Pa Lelai at the same time. There is a big ruined octagonal pagoda surrounded by a wall with small pagodas at four points of the compass.


Wat Phra That or Wat Phra That Sala Khao  Local people call it Wat Phra That Nok because of the Stupa which is similar to the one in Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat . With a height of 25 metres, the ruined Stupa is a bit smaller with a rounder spire.


Wat Ban Krang  This temple is famed for sacred votive tablets know as Khun Paen. It is presumed that, this temple was built after the war between King Naresuan and the Burmese troops. At the temple entrance, old-fashioned wooden shop houses reflect the easy lifestyle of the people.


Wat Sam Chuk  The ancient temple houses the Buddha footprint, sandstone Buddha statue from the Ayutthaya period, and a pair of bronze swans.


Wat Lat Sing The temple houses a 500-year-old Buddha image and three pagodas standing for King Naresuan, King Eka Tossarod, and Phra Suphan kanlaya.


Wat Khao Khuen or Wat Khao Nang Buat (Wat Phra Achan Thammachot)  A former monk resident of this temple, Phra Achan Thammachot, played a key role in the ancient war against the Burmese troops. The temple’s image hall houses the Lord Buddha’s footprint. And nearby is a pagoda made from a pile of stone slabs.



Suphan Buri Province, Temples and shrines around the Province