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Suphan Buri Province Page 10, Further places of Interest around the Province

Suphan Buri Province, Local Products and Festivals around the  Province

Local products

Famous products from Suphanburi Province include bamboo and rattan basketry. Suphanburi artisans show their talents by putting patterns of bullet wood flowers, plumeria blossom and Suphan Buri’s durian thorn in the basket. Suphanburi is famous for local chiffon soft cake Sali Suphan, canned water chestnuts, canned bamboo shoots, termite mushroom, honey roasted duck, baked chicken, small-scale croaker, sun dried fish, and sun-dried beef.



Don Chedi Memorial Day The annual celebration is held on 25 January of each year. Fair goers can enjoy watching a mock-up war on elephant back, performance on stage. The fair always runs for 9 days.


Kam Fa Tradition  The ancient tradition of the Thai Phuan ethnic group is always held in February. Thai Phuan people will dress up in traditional attire, offering food and sweets to monks and celebrate in a large party at night. This traditional practice remains in Thai Phuan villages in Amphoe U Thong, and Tambon Makham Lom of Amphoe Bang Pla Ma.


Bun Bang Fai or Rocket Festival  Thai Phuan and Thai Wiang also enjoy the local rocket festival on the full moon day of the 6th lunar month, worshipping the rain god in the monsoon season. A parade of great fun will be held before the rocket launching at the temple. The tradition remains in many Tambons such as Tambon Ban Khong, Ban Kham, and Don Kha in Amphoe U Thong, and Tambon Wat Bot, and Makham Lom of Amphoe Bang Pla Ma.


Thing Krachat The merit-making festival is held annually around August-September in the municipal area. Thousands of poor people always gather for free food and necessities.


Tak Bat Thewo  A large event of merit making is always held to mark the end of Buddhist Lent in October. Buddhists prepare various food and items, particularly the so-called ‘Khaotom Luk Yon’ or seasoned sticky rice wrapped in coconut leaves to be offered to monks.


Lao Song Wedding Tradition  Lao Song or Thai Song Dam ethnic group always hold a wedding ceremony during the waxing moon periods of the 4th, 6th and 12th lunar months. Thai Phuan people in Tambon Suan Taeng, Amphoe Mueang, and Tambon Ban Don, Tambon Don Makluea, and Tambon Nong Daeng of Amphoe U Thong still have such ceremony,as well

Suphan Buri Province Page 12, How to get to Suphan Buri, and two videos