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Suphan Buri Province, Further places of Interest around the Province

.Don Chedi Monument The monument is located in Tambon Don Chedi, on Highway 322, 31 kilometres

from downtown.  The royal  monument  of  King Naresuan  the  Great  and the  pagoda were built to

commemorate the victory over the Burmese troops. In January 1592, he defeated Phra Maha Upparacha,

the Burmese CrownPrince in a royal duel on elephant back; as a result, the Siamese kingdom regained

its sovereignty  from the occupation of Burma.

The Royal Thai Army renovated the pagoda in 1952, and built a new pagoda over the ancient one. The new

pagoda is 66 metres high and 36 metres wide. His Majesty the King presided over the worshipping and

opening ceremony on 25 January 1959. Thus, it has become the Royal Thai Army Day since then. A large

celebration is held annually around the monument.

About 100 metres from the monument, people also flock to worship the statues of King Naresuan the Great and his elder sister Phra Suphankanlaya in a shrine in the compound.

Agricultural Promotion and Development Centre  Located in Tambon Phlapphla Chai. Visitors

can go through U Thong-Dan Chang Road for 6 kilometres and turn left across a bridge at  

the sugar factory. Keep on for 10 kilometres, the centre is on the left. As the centre was

established to develop agriculture and plants, visitors can be excited by  new technologies

such as tissue culture, nursery, and plant distribution. The centre has 7 computer  

controlled nurseries. For more information, please contact Tel. 0 3555 1399   0 3555 1399  

ext. 217,227  

Soil less Cultivation Centre  Located at Mu 6, Tambon Wang Nam Sap on Highway 340, the country’s

largest soil less plantation acquires an area of 200 rai. Visitors can enjoy exploring modern culturing

technology applied for local vegetables and temperate vegetables on soil less plantation. The

vegetables are grown on sponge, sand, pebbles sawdust, or on a hydroponics system. As the  

vegetables are grown without pesticide, and chemicals, the consumer can enjoy it safely. The

centre also feeds different kinds of freshwater fishes. Visitors can enjoy selecting fresh

chemical-free vegetables and One Tambon One Product items. The centre opens daily from 8.00 a.m.

-6.00 p.m. A guide service is available.

For more information, call Bangkok office at Tel. 0 2435 0400   0 2435 0400  Suphan Buri office at  

Tel. 0 3556 2200    0 3556 2200  0 1930 0000     0 1930 0000