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Trat Province, Thailand, Interesting places to Visit

Ban Hat Lek Border Market  is a village on the Thai-Cambodian border. When fighting in Cambodia was over in 1986, it used to serve as an intermediate marketplace for grain trading between farmers in Cambodia and traders in Koh Kong.


Namtok Salatdai  is situated seven kilometres from Km. 25 of Highway No. 3157 (Saen Tung-Bo Rai).


Namtok Khlong Kaeo National Park has an area of about 65,525 rai (104,840 square kilometres). Interesting places is Namtok Khlong Kaeo.


Koh Chang Naval Battle Memorial  at Laem Ngop, commemorates the Franco-Thai naval engagement on January 17-21, 1941. There are also the Statue of Prince Chumphon, father of the Thai navy, and a warship-shaped museum displaying old equipment and armament of the fleet with exhibits on the Koh Chang naval battle.


Koh Chang is the focal point of Koh Chang National Marine Park. Until recently Koh Chang and the park were well kept secrets, even from local Thai’s. They received very few visitors and as a result there was little development. This is quite remarkable given its close proximity to Bangkok – only 330 kilometres direct. Over the last couple of years though their have been plans to develop Koh Chang into an upscale resort and as a result there has been an increase in the amount of building that has taken place on the island.Koh Chang is the largest of the 52 islands in Koh Chang National Marine Park and the second-largest island in Thailand.  Most of the island is rainforest and it features a range of hills, the highest (Khao Jom Prasat) nearly 800 metres high. The result is a very dramatic landscape that acts as a backdrop for some excellent bays and beaches including Ao Klong, Hat Sai Khao and Ao Khlong Prao. The island is also home to a wide range of wildlife, including a good selection of birds, snakes, deer and a number of elephants. The island and its vicinity are great places for snorkelling and diving. The best time to dive here is between November and April and the south of the island offers the best visibility. For more advanced divers there is a Thai warship that was sunk by the French in 1941. Several excellent diving centres offering courses and guides are available on the island. Kayaking and sail boarding are also available on the island.

The island is also a great place for hikes, and it is possible to walk from one side of the island to the other (although it’s not advisable without a guide). Elephant rides into the jungle are also popular. Elephants based at Ban Khlong Son Elephant Camp can be hired for 900 Baht for one and a half hours. The more usual attractions like Buddhist temples are also available on the island.How to get there: Probably the easiest and cheapest way to get to Koh Chang is to take a Songthaws from Trat to Lean Ngop and from there take the ferry. The Songthaws trip will cost 20 Baht.





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